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Who We Are

PerceptiveCore mission is to provide their customers with a turn-key state-of-the-art set of technologies built on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence disciplines. Our solutions use breakthrough proprietary algorithms to empower our users with unprecedented performance and accuracy not only in data extraction, classification and businesses intelligence but also on meaning and fact extraction.

Unstructured information is how most human and business data is presented in contrast with structured information which is neatly organized into columns of a database. Most of the information for the modern enterprise is composed of unstructured formats such as phone calls, emails, instant messages and human readable reports.

That presents a big challenge for the enterprises on understanding and retrieving value from that data which traditionally requires high costs and time to distill. PerceptiveCore's intelligent technology unleashes the power of your sea of unstructured data giving your business a unparalleled productivity and competitive edge.

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Why choose us


Customized solutions
Professional services to guarantee results.


Cutting-Edge technology
Taking business intelligence to another level.


Unleash your data hidden value
Find the value within your own data via our meaning and fact extraction technologies.


Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis
Merts maellrase qus esedias dusceer lrurtasfeugiat.

Our History


Research and Development starts funded by parent company.

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Initial Data-mining algorithms are released under parent company's products portfolio for the automotive industry.

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Business plan, initial development for first commercial applications for the energy industry.

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PerceptiveCore, LLC is established in Park City, Utah.

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